Descriptions of the smaller playsets

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Sunny Farm Dairies - Milk Float with two crates of milk, two crates of orange (four pints in each!) With working wheels and your very own milkman. (Set Ref. 890261)
Penny's Street Market - Consists of,  Mr Greens stall selling fruit, vegatables, cakes, fish and meat (looks like chicken and chops!) Pieces - 5x trays of food Dolls - 1x Mr Green he is dressed in a light brown over coat and darker brown trousers. Flo sells potted yellow flowers on a red cart - Pieces - 4x small pots of flowers & 4x larger pots of flowers Dolls - 1x Flo she is dressed in a dark brown dress with a green piny and orange head scarf. (Set Ref. 890331)
Post office Van - It's Penny's birthday so Katie her cousin and Danny the dog are eagerly waiting to collect the parcels and letters from the postman. Contents: Red 4 wheeled post van , 2 grey bags of letters, 4 light brown parcels, Post man wearing a blue shirt and blue trousers & cap, Cousin Katie, Danny. "Penny loves to get letters any time, as she has got lots of pen-friends"! (Set Ref. 890251)
Safari Jeep - Penny's on safari with her dad in this playset - Red jeep, Penny, Dad and 6 animals, Giraffe, Tiger, Zebra, Lion, Hippopotomus, and Monkey. (Set Ref. 900091)
Penny's Band - (The Oh Pens!) Small figure playset with Penny, Ben dressed in bright "popstar" costumes, two electric guitars, drum kit, and music stands. (Set Ref.900051)
Summertime Friends - Small figure playset with Penny, plus 3 chums (Lucy, Morag & Robin) skate board, ball & sunhat (Set Ref.89027)
Wintertime Friends - Small figure playset - Penny and her friends (Yaz, Suzy & Sam) enjoy the snow, they ski taboggan and even make a super snowman! (Set Ref.89028)
Shopping Day - Penny loves to push her shopping trolley, she fills it with all the goodies she likes - Penny plus 4 food/toys (Set Ref.900011)
Picnic Time - Penny takes her picnic hamper along to the park, she sits in the sun to enjoy a delicious feast. Penny, hamper and two chairs (Set Ref.89029)
Super Scooter - Penny has fun on her super little red scooter - she has a basket and a baby seat to take little brother Skip for a ride. Penny, scooter, basket, & baby seat. (Set Ref.89032)
Penny's Canoe - Penny has great adventures in her canoe, with totem pole & paddles. (Set Ref.900021)
Pony Club - Sandy the pony has a clip on saddle, Penny loves practice over the jump in the paddock  - contents Pony, separate saddle, jump & Penny dressed in Jodpurs with riding hat (Set Ref.89031)
Penny's Pram - Penny, pram with working wheels,  pink hood and cover & baby (Set Ref.89030)
Beach-time - penny has a radio, life saving ring, beach towel & umbrella, penny is wearing a blue swimming costume. (Set Ref. 900041)
Penny's bike - Red bike with a yellow wheels it has a basket on front, 3 cones (1 red, 2 white) penny's dog Danny who runs along the side. (Set Ref. 900031)
Ballet class - Penny is with a friend they both have there hair up in a bun and are wearing tu tu's!. there is a mirror with a bar and a round box which you can make them spin. (Set Ref. 900061)
Pathways - paths to connect up all your Oh Penny playsets!
Horse Box - Penny's horse-box has room for two horses, the back lets down to form a ramp. Peny's handsome Road Ranger with a detachable roof can seat four people! Contents: Jeep, Horse-box, Penny's horse, with detachable saddle, Penny dressed in riding gear, Ben & Danny the dog. (Set Ref. 901581)
Bridesmaid - The bride and groom make a lovely couple standing in front of the church. In her pretty bridesmaid's frock, Penny waits for her big moment. As the bride and groom celebrate with champagne Penny tries some wedding cake. Contents: Pink & which wedding car, Church Arbor with silver bell, Table with cake, champagne, tray with glasses, 3 cases to pack into the boot of the car for the honeymoon. (Set Ref. 900081)
Burger Bar - The picnic table has two attached bench seats and four trays with food. Contents: Barny's Burgers burger bar, picnic bench, blue scooter (with detachable child seat & luggage box), yellow bike, four trays with shakes & burger boxes (attached), Barny the chief, Penny, Suzy, and Skip. (Set Ref. 900101)
Speedboat - Penny's speedboat fits on a special trailer which Dad tows behind his car. Contents: Blue speed boat (Skip II), trailer, wind surfer, water skiis with rope, Ben, Dad both dressed in swim-wear. (Set Ref. 890241)
Gymkhana - Mum polishes the trophies while Penny clips on the horse's new saddle and rides her around the fences. Horse with detachable saddle, Small trophy table, 2 wall jumps, 2 hedge jumps, 2 cross poles, 3 trophies, Mum, Penny dressed in riding gear. (Set Ref. 890231)