Descriptions of the larger playsets

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Tree house - This is Penny's little hideaway home. You can reach it only by ladder. It has a rooftop look-out, a secret slide for quick escapes and a swing that can seat two. Penny likes to stand in the look-out. You can see for miles. Birds nest in the branches. The tree house has a quaint crooked chimney! Contents tree house unit complete with swing, red ladder, bunk beds (1 separate red bunk bed), fixed table & stove, 2 x fences, path unit with fences, pony & trap, Penny, Mum, Dad, Ben & Skip, 2 geese, 2 brown birds & Cleo the cat, adhesive decals. (Set Ref.88014)
Swimming pool - swimming pool has a diving board (fixed on) Pieces - 4 white chairs, table with umbrella, 1 white recliner chair Dolls - x 5 all of the family dressed in swim wear. (Set Ref.88012 with bridge set)
Three Gables or Penny's Big House - 2 bedrooms, bathroom (fixed), dining room, tv room, kitchen (fixed), entrance, study and a garage. Pieces - Double bed, 2 single beds can be joined to make bunkbeds, 2 tv's, 2 wardrobes, cot, 2 bookshelves, grandfather clock, 2 lamps. 4 chairs and a table, 1 double settee, 2 single settee chairs, Kennel, rocking chair, red car that seats 4, a cat and a dog.Dolls - x5 Mum, Dad, Ben, Penny & Skip (Set Ref.88011)
Stable - The stable has 7 doors that all open, The bottom half has 2 sections for the horses with a red hay rack on the wall (fixed) there is also a section for a pig and her piglets. The top part of the stable is for the straw and the chickens it has a yellow ladder to get up there. This set comes with 2 carts a red one for the big horse and a blue one for the smaller horse. On the side of the stable is a bird box (fixed) Pieces - 1 cow, 2 horses, (1 large in a trot 1 small standing) 1 yellow ladder, a stool, trough, 3 bales of straw, 2 chickens, pig with piglets, 2 fences, Dolls - x 5 family all wearing green boots except skip who is in a green body suit. (Set Ref.88013)
Gypsy caravan - The gypsy caravan is pulled by 2 large horses both in a trot. The roof comes off to show inside a cooker, chairs, beds and a sink At the back of the cart a smaller horse is wearing a yellow harness and being pulled along. Pieces - 2x large horses 1 smaller horse, 1 small red table, 1 yellow harness. Dolls - x5 The family (Set Ref. 890221)
Camper van - The roof lifts off to form a beautiful living quarters with a dining table, chairs, kitchen equipment. The bottom section contains a bathroom with a shower and a bath, 2 bedrooms and 2 t.v's. The camper has a special frame for carrying the scooter, boat and tent. Pieces - Scooter, Tent, Boat, Hamper, 2 stools, Cleo the cat, Danny the dog. Dolls - Dad is wearing blue trousers & a yellow shirt, Mum is wearing orange trousers & a blue sleeveless top, Penny is wearing a pink swimming costume, Ben is wearing blue trousers & a white jumper, Skip is wearing a red hat & blue swimming trunks. (Set Ref.890211)
Shopping Centre - This has a restaurant, hairdressers, Chemist, gym, Bank, Fish monger, Bakery, Flower stall, Butcher, Post office and a department store. Penny loves to go there with her friends on a saturday. Pieces - 3 flags, a fountain, escalator, 2 benches, 8 flowers (4 short, 4 tall) 4 sloping counters, 3 small counters, L-shaped counter, doctors bench, hairdressers basin set, lawn mower, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, grand piano, washing machine, fridge, 5 trays of food, square parcel, oblong parcel, mail bag, water skis, windsurfer, sail, 2 sunbeds, 2 lights, rocking chair, 2 book shelf's, 3 chest of drawers, 4 round backed chairs, umbrella table, 2 t.v's, dog kennel, 2 wardrobes and a clock. Dolls - X 8 Penny, Rita the hairdresser, Miss Caring the nurse, Flo the flower seller, Mr Chops the butcher, Mr Trout the fish monger, Wendy the waitress and a Ballerina. (Set Ref.89020)
Hollywood Dream Car - Penny travels in style in this pink and white stetched Limosine - with jacuzzy on board! Cabin opens up to reveal a seating area/tv room and breakfast bar, double bed and convertable sofabed and jukebox. Bonnet of car opens up for additional accommodation  with loungers and picnic area seating 4. Contents: barbecue, jetski, lilo, Penny, Ben, Skip, Mum & Dad and Chauffer (who matches the car and has a detachable drinks tray on his arm), Danny the dog. (Set Ref. 910761)
Horse Transporter - On this item the roof flips up, underneath there are 4 sections separated by 3 lots of stairs. The lower section is the cab with seating for 6, The second section has 3 beds (2 single & 1 double) with a sink and a cooker. The third is a carpeted area for the cat and dog to sleep on. the last section is for meal times where the table and chairs go. The truck has 2 large side compartments for storing the jumps, table & chairs. At the back is the space for 2 horses. Pieces - 2 big horse (one in a trot), 1 small pony standing, 1 table, 2 chairs (yellow), 1 small oblong trophy table, 3 cups, 6 fences (2 wall type, 2 tree type, 2  red cross-poles), & 3 saddles. 4 Dolls - Penny is wearing a red jacket, light brown jodhpurs, black boots and a black riding hat. Friend Mandy is wearing black jacket, light brown jodhpurs, black boots and a black riding hat. Mum wearing green jumper with red dots around neck & jodphurs, Dad wearing white shirt, with red collar & jodphurs. (Penny also comes wearing the same as her mum.) (Set Ref.900111)
Penny's Peppermint Parlour - Fast food restraunt/dinner with burger bar and fixed seating. The in-place for Penny and her friends to enjoy delicious ice creams. Drive up in Violet the car, through the doors and into the party! Contents: Violet the car, jukebox, space invaiders game, bench, pinball machine, 4 trays with fixed drinks & pizza, Mr Choc the cheif, waitress, Penny, Ben, Tom & Millie. (Sef Ref. 900121) (our picture is missing the pink/red Penny's Peppermint Parlour shop sign which fits on top of the dinner)
Penny's Fantastic Fun Fair - This piece comes in two parts joined by a cable cart. the biggest part has a roller coaster with 2 white carts it has a helicopter ride, a water fountain with diving board & water slide, There are steps to get Penny and her family all around the fair at the top of the steps there is a pair of binoculars for sightseeing. The smaller part has a rocket ride, a seesaw pony ride and a swan ride you turn handle's to make them move. On the sides of the fair there are stalls for shoot the duck to win a toy and have your fortune told. Contents: Large fun fair with rides as described above, Cafe with table & 4 chairs, Penny, Mum, Dad, Ben, Skip (all dressed in brightly coloured clothes), Entertainers; 1 clown, 1 scary skeleton. (Set Ref. 910771)
Car, Pony & Trap, Horse & Wagon Set - Penny and her family often go on outings Penny is too young to drive but loves to drive her Pony & Trap - Red Car & Wagon, Horse, Pony, Trap (blue), Penny (white buttoned, pink shirt, yellow trousers) and her family, Mum wearing green jumper with white pattern at neck, pink trousers, Dad wearing blue shirt, red trousers, Ben, wearing black trousers, white shirt, Skip wearing blue shorts, white T-shirt, red cap, self adhesive decals. (Set Ref.88015)