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1989 - Polly Pocket Bowling Alley Cassette Player

aka Disco Cassette Play-set

Bluebird Toys Ref. No. 900631

Mattel 5141

Bowling Alley Cassette Player for sale, if available - Click here


Style:  Compact

Color:  Pink

Shape:  Rectangle

Approximate Dimensions: 6.25" X 7.25" X 2.75"







Upstairs:  Café with pool table, game and music room, locker room with showers, sleeping area

Downstairs:   Bowling lane, dance floor, trampoline.  This level lifts up to reveal a cassette player (no recorder) and storage area (conceals battery compartment)



  • Cassette player



  • Polly Pocket, blond curly hair with red head band, pink short-sleeved dress with white bow at neck, white shoes and base (1989)
  • Buttons, straight orange hair parted on right, pink short-sleeved dress with pink and white gathered bottom, white apron, white shoes with pink ties, white base (1989)
  • Tiny Tina, blond hair in pigtails with pink ties, pink sleeveless dress, white shoes with pink ties, white base (1989)
  • Wee Willie, boy, blond hair, yellow short-sleeved shirt, blue pants, white shoes, white base (1989)
  • Diddy, brown hair, green short-sleeved shirt, lavender pants, green shoes and base (1989)
  • Midge, strawberry blond hair, straight with bangs, green long-sleeved shirt, blue overalls, green shoes and base (1989)


Requires 4 "AA" batteries

Source:  MIPB

1989 - Polly Pocket Bowling Alley Cassette Player 

1989 - Polly Pocket Bowling Alley Cassette Player 

 1989 - Polly Pocket Bowling Alley Cassette Player


Polly Pocket Bowling Alley Cassette Player Available for Sale

Item # 19600

Price: $ SOLD

Condition:  Good Used,  Complete and in working condition

Questions?:  19600

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