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Polly's Other Treasures

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Polly Pocket Toys - 1994

All of the 1994 sets currently available for sale can be purchased at our store at eCrater: 

Mattel Packaging name Bluebird Packaging name


Dog House

Barclay's Cottage

Elephant House

Jumbo's Lodge

Giraffe House

Big G's Treetops

Animal Wonderland Giraffe House

Rabbit House

Bianca's Burrow

Animal Wonderland Rabbit House

Light-up Horse House

Horseshoe Saloon

Animal Wonderland Light-up Horse House

Light-up Kitty House

Cat Mews House

Polly Pocket Light-up Kitty House

Babytime Fun

Polly's Nursery Fun

Perfect Playroom

Perfect Playroom

Strollin' Baby

Polly's Playtime Fun

Strollin' Surprise

Polly's Baby Buggy

Light-up Bridal Salon

Drive-in Burger Restaurant

Drive-in Burger Restaurant

Grandma's Cottage

Polly's Watermill Cottage

Light-up Hotel

Light-up Hotel

Magical Mansion

Nursery School

Polly's Nursery

Polly's Lullaby Nursery

Tree House

Tree House

Pretty Egg Surprise

Crown Surprise Ring

Crown Surprise

Flower Surprise Ring

Flower Surprise Ring

Pretty Pearl Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Party Travel Game

Pet Store Travel Game

Party Game

Slumber Party Fun

Polly's Video Party

Star Bright Dinner Party

(Polly's Candybox Party)

Palm Tree Play Set

Shady Tree Play Set

Polly on the Go

Polly's Bicycle Friends

Scooter Fun

Polly's Scooter Friends

Happy Horses

Racy Roadster Ring

Home on the Go

Polly's Camper

Stable on the Go

Polly's Horsebox

Charm Bracelets

Baby Bear Pendant

Polly's Puppy Pendant

(My Pet Puppy)

Polly’s Puppy Pendant

Pretty Polly Locket

Koala Picnic

Pony Ridin' Show

1994 - Polly Pocket Pony Ridin' Show - Pony Parade Collection

Pony Ridin'

McDonald's Watch

McDonald's Ring

McDonald's Bracelet

McDonald's Bracelet

McDonald's Locket

McDonald's Locket


Musical Dream Wedding

Polly's Wonderful Wedding Party

Fairytale Castle

Fairy Polly Star Watch

Playset Watches

  Watch - Salmon watch/salmon band Watch - Pink watch/blue band


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