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1994 Polly Pocket Light-up Horse House - Animal Wonderland Collection

Horseshoe Saloon Bluebird Ref. No. 951691
Polly Pocket Light-up Horse House Mattel 13862

Light-up Horse House for sale, if available - Click here


Style:  Building

Color:  Blue with coral roof and yellow side patio cover

Shape:  House, Hammock in front yard, chaise lounge under patio cover at side of house

Approximate Dimensions:  4.5" X 4.5" X 4"




Attic:  Bedroom/bathroom

2nd Floor:   Stage and dance floor

1st Floor: Grill and service counter



  • Rocking chair on porch rocks
  • Saloon doors open
  • Turn hat rack to rotate dance floor


Press cactus to light up (requires "AAA" battery)



  • Polly Pocket, blonde curly hair, magenta cowgirl hat, brown cowgirl dress, turquoise scarf and sleeves, purple boots, tan base (1994)
  • Blaze Bronco, brown, medium purple suit, yellow scarf, turquoise hat, brown boots, holding silver harmonica (1994)
  • Kayla Coyote, brown, blue dress, yellow bow at neck and hat, lavender boots (1994)
  • Merry Muskrat, brown, pink hat, green boots, orange outfit, playing silver squeezebox


Bluebird Toys used to print delightful little stories on the packaging.  Here is the story for this set:

"Horseshoe Saloon

All the animals in Animal Wonderland know they're in for a great night out down at The Horseshoe Saloon, where there's singing and dancing in the brightly lit saloon, and the food is fantastic!  It's going to be a full house tonight, and Polly has dropped by to see if she can help her pals get ready!"








1994 Polly Pocket Light-up Horse House Available for Sale

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