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1992 - Polly Pocket Stampin' School Playset

Keepsake Collection - Mattel #10648

aka Polly's Stamper Set Bluebird Toys Ref. No. 940211 Classic Collection

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Style:  Compact

Color:  Purple with pink clasp, there is a pink variation

Shape:  Oblong with rounded corners

Approximate Dimensions:  6.5" X 4" X 1.75"



Upper:   School rooms

Lower:  Large school room with desks which are rubber stamps and teacher desk which lifts to reveal ink pads




  • Polly Pocket, blonde curly hair, aqua hair band & shoes, pink dress, white collar, one arm up in air, tan base (1992)
  • Matt, dark skin, crew cut, white sleeveless shirt, aqua collar & pants, red shoes and base (1992)
  • Tina, blond pigtails with aqua bands, pale purple (or gray?) sleeveless dress with aqua trim at bottom, white shoes, unpainted base, arms out holding white chalk in her right hand (1992)
  • Mrs. Kelly (Named Miss Wright in the variation set), dark skin, dark brown hair, low ponytail with pink bow, mint green sleeveless dress with yellow collar, pink shoes and base (1992)
  • Midge, straight orange hair with bangs, dark blue short-sleeved dress with pale green collar, pale green shoes and base, raising her left hand (1992)

Additional Pieces:

  • Desks which are also rubber stamps
  • Teachers desk which lifts out to reveal in pads


There is a variation in color available in this set which is pink with a pale pink clasp (See above)

Bluebird Toys used to print delightful little stories on the packaging.  Here is the story for this set from the Mattel packaging:

"Ms. Kelley shows the students how to make their own stamp-art!  She will put them out for everyone to see because she is so proud of all her students!"

And on the variation set:

"Polly and her friends Tiny Tina, Midge and Matt are in Miss Wright's class at school.  Have fun playing with them in their busy school, and there's loads of things to do in the big classroom.  You can decorate your school notebooks or letters to your friends with the pretty ink stampers, too!"

Source:  MIPM






Both compact color variations have four stamp configurations as follows:
Teacher's Desk Art  Desk Computer Desk Study Desk Sewing Desk
Green Green Yellow Blue Lavender
Lavender Lavender Green Yellow Blue
Yellow Yellow Blue Lavender Green
Blue Blue Lavender Green Yellow


As always, many thanks to my friend, Julie, for her research in providing this information



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