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1993 - Polly Pocket Li'L Pet Carts

Mattel Toys #11953 Pet Parade Collection

aka Polly's Pet's Day Out - Furry Pets CollectionBluebird Toys Ref. No. 950061

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Style:  Play-set

Color:  Various

Shape:   Wagons


Polly pulls her pets in a wagon parade


  • Polly Pocket, blond hair in  high ponytail with green tie, red headband, turquoise bathing suit, white long-sleeved shirt, dark blue shorts turquoise  shoes and base (1993)




Additional Pieces:

  • Wagons, one yellow, one lavender, one pink, handles are designed to fit on the "tow ball" on the back of the wagon in front.
  • Smokey, bunny, gray flocked, tan base (1993)
  • Rascal, puppy, brown  flocked, black eyes and nose with tan base(1993) VERY similar to puppy in Precious Puppies so watch for tan base and "1" under year
  • Ebony, kitten, black flocked, tan base (1993)

Bluebird used to print sweet little stories about the sets on the their packaging.  Here is the story for this set:

"It's a lovely day and Polly is taking all her pets for an outing.  Her bunny Smokey, puppy Rascal and kitten Ebony each have a little cart, and Polly is going to pull them along just like a tiny train going on a special journey"


1993 - Li'L Pet Carts - Mattel Toys 

 1993 - Li'L Pet Carts - Mattel Toys Polly

 1993 - Li'L Pet Carts - Mattel Toys Wagons

1993 - Li'L Pet Carts - Mattel Toys Dog, Cat and Bunny Rabbit


1993 Polly Pocket L'il Pet Carts Available for Sale

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