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A visitor to Only Polly Pocket, Suzanne, asked her husband, Ron, to see if he could discover how to access the battery in Polly's Wonderful Wedding Party.  Bless his heart, he did it!  Many thanks go out to Suzanne and Ron for this effort!

There are 10 screws to be removed and, as they are not all the same size, it is recommended that you keep track of their locations as you remove them

Step 1:  Remove the pond sticker.  This is the scary part and it is recommended that you scan/photo the sticker prior to removing it so that if things go sideways, you can print a new sticker.  Ron said the sticker came away easily but a hair dryer might help soften the glue.


Step 2:  Remove the two yellow posts that are next to the white garden seat and the two posts that are at the base of the yellow stairs.  Ron used a hair dyer to loosen the glue at the base of these posts

Step 3:  Again using a hairdryer to soften the glue, remove the peg that is under the pond decal



Step 4:  Remove five screws as shown below (Reminder: note from which hole your remove the screws)

Step 5:  You can now lift out the insert.  Turn it over and remove the five remaining screws :  The one indicated by the yellow arrow is shorter than the ones indicated by the red arrows and the one indicated by the blue arrow is longer than the ones indicated by the red arrows.  It is important to use the correct screws when reassembling the set.

Step 6:  You can now detach the pink (pond) section.  Turn it over to expose the wiring and battery location.


Step 7:  Replace the battery with LR44/A76 battery and re-assembled your set.







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