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1996 Polly Pocket Magical Movin' Pollyville

Mattel #17310

aka Magical Moving Polly Supermotion Bluebird Toys Ref. No. 973011

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Style:  Play set

Shape:  Village

Color:   Various

Approximate Dimensions:  8.75" X 13" X 4"



Polly's house, Polly's Boutique, park, and river. 


Magnetic set:  activity occurs as the knob in the river is moved

  • Polly is magnetic and moves through village
  • Door to Polly's house opens with magnet
  • Toast in toaster pops up with magnet
  • Refrigerator open with magnet
  • Bed cover lifts with magnet
  • Polly's Dog, Hooper, runs around post in Polly's yard with magnet
  • Door to Boutique revolves with magnet
  • Clothes rack in Boutique spins with magnet
  • Polly's friend can dance at disco at back of park with magnet
  • Courting seat revolves with magnet
  • Ice cream cart lid opens with magnet
  • Swing swings
  • Mr. Owl pops out of tree with magnet
  • Boat crosses river with magnet


  • Polly Pocket, blond waved hair, dark purple headband, magenta long-sleeved dress, green ribbon belt with bow in back, white collar and button on front, light magenta shoes and base, base is magnet so that Polly can travel through Pollyville when knob in river is moved
  • Alexia (aka Annie), long straight brown hair with bangs, Long-sleeved magenta top, purple pants, silver shoes, tan base (1996)
  • Tawny (aka Rebecca), red hair in pigtails with bangs, long-sleeved lavender dress, white collar, white ruffle at hem, magenta shoes, tan base, holding rocky road ice cream cone in right hand (1996)
  • Torry (aka Lauren), brown hair parted in center in flip style, silver necklace, lime green short-sleeved dress, orange shoes, tan base, right arm extended (1996)
  • Joey (aka Dan), brown hair, purple baseball cap, orange short-sleeved shirt, blue trousers, white shoes, tan base (1996)



Additional Pieces:

  • Clothes, hang on rack in Polly's bedroom and in Boutique.  Fancy dresses, one each of blue and gold, lavender and white, dark pink and silver, orange and dark pink.  Play clothes, one each of orange, dark pink, lavender and blue
  • Flags, two dark pink, one yellow, go on top of the Boutique


Here is a fun little aside:  This is what appears to be a prototype Torry, or, at least, before she got her clothes painted!

Source:  MIP

Polly Pocket Magical Movin' Pollyville

Polly Pocket Magical Movin' Pollyville

Polly Pocket Magical Movin' Pollyville

Polly Pocket Magical Movin' Pollyville

Polly Pocket Magical Movin' Pollyville


1996 Polly Pocket Magical Movin' Pollyville Available for Sale

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