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1996 - Polly Pocket Surf 'n Swim Island - Vacation Fun - Bluebird Toys

aka Polly's Treasure Chest Island

Surf 'n Swim Island for sale, if available - Click here


Style:  Compact

Color:  Pink

Shape:  Treasure Chest

Approximate Dimensions:  3.5" X 4.25" X 3"




Downstairs:   Lounge area with hammock, seashore, island

Upstairs:  Indoors first floor:  Dining area decorated for party; Indoors second floor: bedroom with bunk beds and bathroom.  Outdoors Swimming pool and deck



  • Polly, blond waved hair with red hair band, Turquoise sunglasses, two-piece bathing suite with gold top and purple French-cut bottom, barefoot, tan base, left hand shaped to hold boom box (1996)
  • Little Emilie, red hair in pony tail on top of head, turquoise scrunchy, pink visor, two-piece shorts outfit, lime green top, blue shorts, barefoot, tan base, right hand shaped to hold boom box (1996)



Additional Pieces:

  • Sail, for sailboard, white with orange markings
  • Sailboard, magenta (1996)
  • Flippers, orange
  • Beach bag, orange
  • Chest, purple
  • Boom box, magenta
  • Island, large purple, fits in lower section over seashore, palm tree, towel laid out, moving wave on side
  • Island, small purple
  • Bridge, white with track for Polly to travel between islands
  • Decals, various to be placed on case
  • Hammock on lower level is removable


  • Water slides off pool, creates storage area
  • Trees on island in ocean lift
  • Palm tree on large island turns to make wave move
  • Track on bridge moves to transport Polly between islands
  • Stairs lower to connect pool area to seashore

Polly Pocket Surf 'n Swim Island 

Polly Pocket Surf 'n Swim Island 

Polly Pocket Surf 'n Swim Island 


Polly Pocket Surf 'n Swim Island Polly Pocket Surf 'n Swim Island

Polly Pocket Surf 'n Swim Island 


1996 Polly Pocket Surf 'n Swim Island Available for Sale

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