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1998 Ice Skating - Action Park

Mattel #21941

Canoe for sale, if available - Click here


Style:  Playset

Shape:  Square-ish

Color:  Various

Approximate Dimensions:  6" X 5.5" X 3.5"


Ice skating rink with snack bar and DJ station


  • Magnetic:  Place Polly in rink.  Use yellow lever to move Polly around rink
  • As Polly skates a design is formed on the "ice" (like the Etch-a-Sketch toy).  Slide snack trolley to erase the design
  • As Polly skates up to snack bar, Mia (stationary doll) twists moving her hand and allowing the cash register drawer to open.




  • Polly Pocket, blond hair in ponytail, silver tiara, red one-piece, long-sleeved skating costume, silver trim at neck and cuffs, yellow yoke, purple leotards, turquoise skates, silver blades, unpainted base, magnetic (no date)
  • Lila, brown hair in flip hairstyle, bangs, pink headband, ribbed green long-sleeved sweater with collar, yellow skirt, purple leggings, dark blue boots, unpainted base (1998)





Additional Pieces:

  • Winner's Cup, Orange
  • Hot cocoa (?), tall orange mug, red "frothy" top

Source:  MIP





1998 Polly Pocket Action Park Ice Skating Available for Sale

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