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1998 Polly Pocket Pony Adventure - Action Park

Mattel 21946

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Style:  Playset

Shape:  Rounded Rectangular

Color:  Various

Approximate Dimensions:  9.5" X 10.5" X 5.5"


Playset with riding trails, large tree, barn, corral and BBQ area

Action: Set is magnetic.  The trick to keeping control of the magnet is to make sure that the orange moving lever is started at one of the two symbols (horseshoe or flower) on the turquoise piece and that your dolls on the set are on the symbols.   Then just move the lever slowly and gently to control the Pollys.

  • Place Polly on the horse on the yellow horseshoe near the path (by the tree) and place the magnetic standing Polly on the flower in the BBQ area.   Move yellow lever to move dolls all around playset.  The following movement happens:
    • The squirrels in the tree run round and the woodpecker pecks at the tree trunk
    • When pony is moved to trough, the water level lowers as the pony "drinks"
    • Move Polly on pony over to brown pony at front left.  As Polly moves around the brown pony, they "run" together,
    • Take Polly on the pony up the trail and the gate opens
    • Move further up the trail at the left front, the squirrel pops out of the tree stump. (You can also have the squirrel pop up by moving the orange toggle next to the tree stump)
    • As you head to the barn, the barn door opens.  Run Polly in, the barn door closes and the barn door to the stable opens showing Polly's pony with her saddle off.  This is when you start moving Polly (who has "dismounted") and is ready to entertain her friends at the BBQ.
  • Move Polly to the trough.  She will "raise" the pump handle and refill the trough.
  • Move Polly to the BBQ and the BBQ lid raises
  • If you want to lower/raise the water level in the trough, turn the rooster sitting on the wall.


  • Polly, blond hair in ponytail, turquoise riding cap, yellow vest, lavender long-sleeved shirt, purple trousers, turquoise boots mounted atop her Palomino with orange saddle, unpainted magnetic base
  • Polly, blond hair in ponytail, turquoise riding cap, yellow vest, lavender long-sleeved shirt, purple trousers, turquoise boots, unpainted magnetic base
  • Lea, red hair in long pigs tails held with pink ties, bangs, silver glasses and necklace, long-sleeved lavender sweater with scooped neck and black trim at bottom, brown gloves, light blue trousers trousers, black boots, legs split, unpainted base
  • Lila, brown hair in pageboy, yellow cap, long-sleeved blue shirt, turquoise jumper, yellow leggings, black boots, legs split, unpainted base


Many thanks, as always, to one of our good Polly friends who was kind and generous in sharing her time and set information with us so we could share it with you! 

Source: MIP JS

 Polly Pocket Pony Adventure

 Polly Pocket Pony Adventure

Polly Pocket Pony Adventure

Polly Pocket Pony Adventure Available for Sale


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