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1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders

Mattel #21950

Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders for sale, if available - Click here



Style:  Building (compacts)

Shape:  Rectangle

Color:  Pink, predominantly purple inside

Approximate Dimensions:  4" X 2.5" X 3


The Deluxe Mansion consists of four modules (rooms) plus dolls and accessories described individually as follows:

The ceilings on every module fold up for easy access.  Each module is opened by sliding the front panels to the side.  Although the dolls have the usual bases, there are no footplates, the dolls seems to stand freely throughout the rooms


Entrance (Foyer):  The center staircase pulls out from the wall.  There are pegs in the floor in the left section for the love seat (shown in accessories) and in the right section (in front of the fireplace) for the purple chair (shown in accessories).






Polly's Bedroom:  Polly's bed dominates the room.  On the right is her full-length mirror and on the left is her dressing table.  Although the box doesn't show it, the dressing table chair is removable and pushes in and out so Polly can sit.






Kitchen:  (LLol, I LOVE this retro kitchen!)  The oven door opens where Polly is cooking a pizza.  The refrigerator door opens to reveal the food. There is a kitchen nook in the left section where Mom and Dad can enjoy their sodas and the right section holds a food preparation area with a toaster.






Bath:  The bathtub in the center is covered with bubbles which lift to allow Polly to get into the tub.  The sink in the left section has a chair in front of it that slides in and out and rotates.  The shower in the right section has a door that opens.  There is a variation Bath and Beauty Room




  • Polly Pocket, blond hair in ponytail with bangs, purple ponytail holder, dark pink jacket with pink collar, orange shirt under jacket, purple mini-skirt, orange boots, unpainted base, "18" on back of base (1999)
  • "Mom", short red hair, purple neck scarf, lime green jacket, pink ankle-length dress with red neck trim, red boots, unpainted base, "20" on back of base (1999)
  • "Dad", brown hair, yellow shirt with turquoise collar and placket, brown slacks, dark brown shoes with (can it be??? ) platform soles,  unpainted base, "19" on back of base (1999)
  • "Brother", blond hair, long-sleeved green shirt, yellow collar, overalls, bib is a fox (?) face, trousers are blue, green knee patches, yellow pouch pocket on right hip, red-brown shoes, unpainted base, "21" on back of base (1999)




Additional Pieces:

  • Bushes, two in planter pots
  • Plaints, four, each with greenery and flowers (lavender, yellow, orange and white)
  • Statue, gold cupid
  • Loveseat (settee), pink and gold, fits on peg in foyer
  • Chair, purple and gold, fits on peg in foyer
  • Hair dryer, pale turquoise

Rooftop pieces:

  • Gazebo, gold and white
  • Swimming Pool. blue, white and orange
  • Balustrade, gold and white
  • Roof caps with weather vanes, blue and gold






Dream Builders rooms fit together with other Dream Builders rooms to form a mansion.  These blocks can be arranged in any way to configure the mansion. 

These modules come as a set.  Some of the Dream Builders modules come individually but it doesn't appear that these do.  If a visitor has any of these modules new in the package, please email and let us know...Thank you!

1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders
1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders
1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders
1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders
1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders


1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders




 1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders1999 Polly Pocket Deluxe Mansion - Dream Builders


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