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1999 Vault Variation - Gym Turnfest

Mattel #24845

Vault for sale, if available - Click here


Style:  Play Set

Shape:  Arc Rectangle

Color:  Pink, blue, etc.

Approximate Dimensions:  5" X 4" X 3.5"

Variation:  As far as we know, everything is the same on the variation set as the regular set except the decals





Gym floor with Vault, landing pad, bench, cabinet and trophy stand.  Judges table with scoreboard is separate and is placed over trophy table until judging is complete.  Pink and purple pennants top grandstands.


  • Place Polly or Lea on the star behind the vault.  Move the purple lever in front to have the girls perform the vault and land on the landing pad (LOL, this takes as much practice as learning to do the vault yourself )
  • Landing pad raises to reveal dressing room
  • Turn wheels at top of judging table to change scores
  • Vault height can be adjusted.
  • Bottom cupboard of purple and white cabinet flips down.



Dolls:  Both dolls are magnetic

  • Polly Pocket, blond hair in ponytail, held with orange bow, with bangs, long-sleeved orange body suit dark pink cuffs and sash from shoulder to thigh, magenta slippers, unpainted base, "24" on back of base
  • Lea, red hair in braids with bangs, green bows at top of braids,  green ties at ends of braids, long-sleeved body suit, purple cuffs and neck trim, pink slippers, unpainted base,  "25" on back of base

Additional Pieces:

  • Medals, 2, gold
  • Bouquet, 2, red flowers, green wrap.  There is a clasp on the back so the girls can "hold" them

Source:  MIP




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