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2000Polly Pocket  Petland - Mattel

Petland for sale, if available - Click here


Style:  Building

Shape:  House (Hacienda style)

Color:  Yellow and pink

Approximate Dimensions:  8" X 8.5" X 5.75"




Split level Hacienda-style house with porch, balcony, solarium, kitchen, bathroom, sitting room and bedroom



  • Blanket on bed lifts
  • Move butterfly above porch opening to swing porch swing
  • Twist knob behind wall behind hamster cage to turn hamster's exercise wheel
  • Turn dial behind bathtub to make goldfish swim around bowl
  • Toilet seat cover lifts
  • Place Mia and Polly in recesses in front of stove, then turn dial beside kitchen to "move" them around kitchen
  • Place bird on perch, then twist knob behind mirrored wall to make bird fly (wings flap)
  • There is a door the flips down at the rear of the set providing a storage space for the pieces.

A visitor has written to amend this action (Thank You!!: Push lever at bottom of cactus to open side gate

This blue lever, we think, actually works as follows:

  • Place doll on stand next to lever and place one of the dogs toys (ball or Frisbee) on magnet (also on blue lever). If the lever is pulled and flicked, the doll then appears to be 'throwing' the toy to the dog. It is really, REALLY cool!!
  • Pet door swings
  • Magnet moves horse around yard
  • Magnet moves dog around yard (he chases/carries bone, Frisbee and ball
  • Use magnet to move dog in front of mouse...mouse moves in and out of mouse hole


  • Polly Pocket, blond hair in ponytail, bangs, turquoise blue long-sleeved jacket over pink top, purple Bermuda shorts, dark pink sock and high-tops, tan base, legs split ("58" on base back)
  • Lea (?), long red pigtails, bangs, turquoise blue cowboy hat,  sleeveless orange top, yellow jodhpurs, brown boots, tan base, legs split ("59" on base back)

Additional Pieces:

  • Slide, yellow
  • Ball, turquoise blue
  • bone, dark pink
  • Frisbee, dark magenta
  • Llama, white, black eyes, hooves and tail
  • Bird, turquoise, green wing, black eye and beak.  Cut in half lengthwise as he reflects in mirror and looks like a full bird.
  • Horse, orange, brown mane and tail, yellow tack, green saddle.  Bottom has wheel/magnet mechanism to allow horse to be drawn around yard with magnet lever
  • Pigs, three, pink, black eyes, tan bases, two standing, one sitting
  • Rabbits, four, white, pink noses, black eyes, two on hind legs, two crouching
  • .Cats, two:
    • Gray, lavender eyes, pink nose, tan base, on hind legs with left paw held out
    • Black, green eyes, pink nose, tan base, sitting with right front paw raised
  • Dogs, four:
    • Orange, black eyes, red tongue, tan base
    • Dark brown, black and white eyes, pink nose and tongue, tan base, right front paw lifted.
    • Tan, black eyes and nose, red collar, tan base, left front paw raised, hind left leg lifted **giggle**
    • White, black eyes, ears nose and paws.  Rear legs articulate.  Wheel/magnet mechanism under belly for magnet lever to be used to run dog around yard.



  2000Polly Pocket  Petland - Mattel

 2000Polly Pocket  Petland - Mattel



2000Polly Pocket  Petland - Mattel

 2000Polly Pocket  Petland - Mattel


2000 Polly Pocket Petland Available for Sale

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