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2001 Diamond Wonderland - Jewel Fairies

Mattel #50820

Diamond Wonderland for sale, if available - Click here


Style:  Compact

Shape:  "Diamond" (dome-style)

Color:  Silver, clear and various

Approximate Dimensions:  7" X 6.25"


Center:  Tree with "diamond" compact at top, garden and cave.  Bottom of center comes out and has garden with a fish pond.

Left Side:  Top is little eating area. beneath is a tree house with bed and sitting area

Right Side:  Garden with bridge over stream and swans.  Pullout piece with hammock


  • Tree house door swings open
  • Piece under tree house swings out to form path to center section
  • When bottom section is closed, cave door opens.  Place Polly in cave, then press button on lower left outside of set to pop open lower garden.  Polly is "magically" transported to lower garden.
  • Move lever at lower right side of  "diamond" treetop to open treetop.
  • "Diamond" treetop can be removed to play with it separately
  • Lift gem holder in "diamond" treetop.  Place Polly in hole.  She goes down the slide inside the tree trunk landing on the platform at the tree trunk base lighting up the gems
  • Pink leaf at right back of garden lifts
  • Turn dial at back top of set to change from daylight to nighttime
  • When lower garden is opened, rainbow on right pops up
  • Waterfall lifts
  • Dial under pond turns to make fish swim
  • Piece under right side garden swing out to form path to center section
  • Tree piece swings out
  • Hammock swings
  • Turn dial under stream to see swans swim
  • Butterfly is loose to hover over flower as magnetic Polly moves (on magnet) next to the butterfly

Dolls: (All magnetic to perform in certain magnetic spots in set)

  • Fairy Lea, red hair in braids with bangs, lavender braid ties, silver tiara, blue short-sleeved top, scalloped collar, lavender skirt, white iridescent wings held with blue bow, white shoes, unpainted magnetic base, "108" on front of base
  • Fairy Rick, blond hair with bangs, blue short-sleeved shirt, green knickers, white iridescent wings held with turquoise bow, blue socks and shoes, unpainted magnetic base, "109" on front of base
  • Fairy Polly, blond hair in ponytail with bangs, dark pink scrunchy, silver tiara, dress with three-quarter length sleeves, white cuffs, top of dress is dark pink, skirt is lighter pink with dark pink trim at hem, dark pink diamond on bodice, silver bracelet on right wrist, white iridescent wings held with dark pink bow, dark pink shoes, unpainted magnetic base, "106" on front of base
  • Fairy Lila, brown hair in pageboy with bangs, silver tiara, dark pink dress with three-quarter length sleeves, dark pink flower on bodice, silver bracelet on left wrist, white iridescent wings held with dark pink bow, yellow shoes, unpainted magnetic base, "107" on front of base

Additional Pieces:

  • Gems, 4, my set came with three clear and one blue but the box shows different colors.  The gems can be placed in spaces throughout the set and in the tiara
  • Bunny, white, black eyes, pink nose, sitting up and looking to the side.
  • Bunny, white, black eyes, pink nose, crouching
  • Unicorn, dark pink, white horn
  • Tiara, dark pink, orange "gems", posts to place gem accessories on.  This is sized to fit a child's head


  • Requires 2 "AAA" batteries
  • Dolls pictured on the box this set comes in are different than the ones in the set so it is possible that there is a variation of this set

Our gratitude to the delightful Polly Friend who gave this set New In The Package to Only Polly Pocket for Christmas last year...Hugs and HUGE thank yous!!  




2001 Polly Pocket Diamond Wonderland Available for Sale

If we have this set available for sale, it will be at our store at eCrater: 



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