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Mattel Toys:  Amusement Park

Collection:  PollyWorld

Mattel UPC #:  074299564369

Source:  NIP

NOTES:  Requires 2 "C" batteries.  Two other sets could be purchased separately to be added to this set.  There is a Butterfly Ride and a Carousel.  If they are connected to the left side of  the PollyWorld, they will operate off the PollyWorld battery.

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Style:  Playset

Shape:  Oval

Color:  Various-blue, pink, orange and yellow

Approximate Dimensions:  14.5" X 7.5" X 6"


Amusement park with "loop-de-loop" roller coaster, Ferris wheel, swimming pool and roof-top cafe.  This set comes with the auxiliary tea cup ride.  There is a separate ticket booth.  This set takes 2 "C" batteries and has a motor that runs all of the rides.


  • Move switch at lower left front to start motor
  • Lever at front left stairs raises platform to stop roller coaster cart so that the girls can get in and out
  • When When platform is lowered, cart rolls forward and is caught by launching arm to launch it around the rails
  • Palm tree is removable
  • Ferris wheel rotates when lever at back is switched
  • Connect the teacup ride at lower left side and the cups will spin while the table they sit on spins.


  • Polly Pocket, blond hair in ponytail with bangs, white hair ribbon, orange long-sleeved shirt, short pink skirt, purple backpack, purple shoes, holding vanilla (?) ice cream cone in left hand, unpainted base. "126" on back of base
  • Lila, brown hair in pageboy style with bangs, pink barrette on her right side, orange long-sleeved dress with white heart on chest, turquoise shoes, holding magenta and white basket (?) in left hand, unpainted base. "127" on back of base
  • Lea, red braids with bangs, white hair ribbon, white short-sleeved t-shirt, blue overalls, orange low-top boots, holding pink drink with straw in right hand, unpainted base. "128" on back of base
  • Shani (Many thanks to the Polly-friend who supplied this name!), brown hair in pigtails with a part on her left side, light turquoise sleeveless 2-piece Capri set, white shoes, holding pink balloon in left hand, unpainted base. "129" on back of base



Polly World PollyWorld Amusement Park with roller coaster, ferris wheel tea cup ride and sky cafe


2002 Polly Pocket PollyWorld Amusement Park Available for Sale

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